Download this resource bundle to get a comprehensive overview of Premium Loyalty in the retail industry, learn about its impact on today's consumers, and figure out how to start evaluating your options for launching a premium loyalty program.

Consumer behaviors have changed and it's due to the continuing rise in premium loyalty programs. Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Urban Outfitters have launched, or are currently testing, their own premium loyalty programs and this movement is expected to expand.

McKinsey research report

What's included in the bundle?

The Premium Loyalty Starter BundleThe Definitive Guide to Premium Loyalty eBook
This eBook is an all-inclusive overview of the essential elements of a successful premium loyalty program. From the question “what is a premium loyalty program?” down to the KPIs you should measure and optimize towards, you’ll find it all in this comprehensive guide.

Premium Loyalty: Answers to the Questions You Should Be Asking eBook
Retailers need answers to a variety of questions before they decide to move forward with launching a new Premium Loyalty program. In this eBook, you’ll get the answers to the most important questions we hear from retailers on a regular basis and some you may have already been asking yourself.

2020 Premium Loyalty Data Study: What Do Your Customers Expect?
67% of consumers aren't satisfied with traditional loyalty programs. Over 2,500 consumers told us what they're expecting from your loyalty program. Get the latest consumer insights in this data study.

5 Loyalty Lessons from Amazon Prime Webinar
You might not be Amazon, but Prime is a loyalty program that all retailers can learn from. While your customers' needs may be different than Amazon's, its customer-centric, forward-thinking strategy is something top retail brands are leveraging when creating their own successful loyalty programs.