90% of retailers are focusing their 2021 strategy on customer loyaltyshould you?

The 2020 pandemic has forever changed consumers' shopping habits causing retailers to quickly adjust their focus to their online customer experience. This shift in consumer behavior has increased competition for retaining customers’ loyalty and caused retailers to re-evaluate the value their loyalty programs hold.

So you may be wondering, how are other retailers adjusting? What changes are they making to their customer loyalty strategies? Find out in the 2021 Loyalty Industry Data Study.

Based on a survey of 300 marketing and loyalty professionals in the U.S. retail industry, this study will reveal…

  • How do retailers plan to expand their loyalty efforts in 2021? 
  • What existing loyalty programs are retail marketers inspired by?
  • What are the common barriers to launching a program?
  • What loyalty benefits customers want versus what retailers provide?
  • How has Walmart+ changed the loyalty industry - by introducing a premium loyalty program?

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