Premium Loyalty 101 [Webinar]

Most retailers have free loyalty programs, but a lot more of them are getting on board with premium loyalty. Last year was a big year for retailers implementing and expanding their paid loyalty programs. Many of them you’re probably already a member of have a lot going on behind the scenes.

There’s a lot to consider when thinking of going premium with your loyalty program, and we hear all about it straight from retailers during the adoption and development phases. If you want to learn more about paid loyalty programs, how they build genuine loyalty, and how retailers are leveraging them, check out our recent webinar on premium loyalty 101.

About the host...

Brian Carl

Brian is the Senior Director of Marketing at Clarus Commerce. He’s a premium loyalty expert who’s been at the center of developing marketing for numerous premium loyalty programs. As a data driven leader, he’s seen the ROI retailers have gained by offering premium loyalty programs and he understands how valuable they are for not only retailers, but for the modern consumer.