How can you collect high-integrity data on your customers to provide them with the best possible experience when they don’t always want to share it?

Brands are now integrating microexperiences that ask customers to participate in short, simple interactions that ask them to volunteer a few bits of personal information, in context, in exchange for clear value.

This data is referred to as zero-party data, which Forrester defines as: 
Data that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. It can include preference center data, purchase intentions, personal context, and how the individual wants to be recognized by the brand.

In this webinar, you’ll learn why zero-party data is so important for brands as we explore the concept of microexperiences and how to:
  • Map zero-party data to your broader data strategy
  • Integrate zero-party data with your first-party data
  • Deliver a clear value exchange to encourage customers to engage

About the hosts...

Kori Dahlberg
Kori Dahlberg

Over the past 15 years, Kori has worked with many major brands, including Intel, Molson Coors and Disney, to develop and execute B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Today, her focus is on understanding the marketplace, recognizing opportunities to enhance customer engagement, and defining solutions that help advance brands’ understanding of their target customers.
Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu

Steph's research focuses on the intersection of marketing and privacy and how to strike a delicate balance between privacy, trust, and consumer expectation, all while navigating a rapidly shifting landscape of regulation and tech limitations. Her work has been featured in AdExchanger, Forbes, and she's been quoted in the New York Times, CNBC, Marketplace, CMSWire, and Beet.TV.